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Premium web design with CreativForm

In this article I will write about an example of our Premium web design, and to be more specific I will present to you one of the great projects of the CreativForm agency made for the German company ALB Electronic, and I hope that You will be interested in our services and possible business collaboration.

This project and projects of a similar quality and service will cost you about 1000 euros. For this price, you will get a professional design and service with various elements on your page intelligently assembled, complete integration with social networks, and much, much more! We’ll also look into some important parts of the project with which CreativForm team had gained the full confidence of this German company.

ALB Electronic company description

Pictures or photos are carefully edited by our highly trained staff and are cleverly incorporated in the whole design with the latest software in graphics design.

If necessary, we can provide you with professional photographers so every detail in your online gallery can be professionally captured and emphasized. This is a rather important part of the process for companies like ALB Electronic because every car modification or chiptuning can be easily and clearly shown:

ALB Electronic BMW chip tuning

OK, let’s see what is under the hood; under the hood is Creative Core framework, v1.8, that has been developed for over 5 years by the CreativForm team. The author of this object-oriented framework is our CEO, Ivijan-Stefan Stipić, and the main purpose of this framework is to provide a secure, SEO compatible platform for quick and quality custom projects for our clients. Through the development period, we’ve gathered the best programming practices and algorithms to suit the needs of every customer. Creative Core has more than 200 plugins, and yet there is still no official open source approach, so this framework is used internally for CreativForm programming needs.

Other technologies used for this website are: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL and XLS.

Under the hood is programming code

Therefore, besides a very attractive visual design, very important part is the programming part – the underlying software design of the website and all its elements.

ALB Electronic is a multilingual website as well, and in its background is integrated booking and web marketing system. With the booking system, management can easily see the balance, income and other booking information regarding current business.

Integrated bookkeeping software

The Marketing system is managed separately and integrates various data, for example, user visits, geolocation, their interests, behavior and so on.

Geo Location of a visitor based on their IP address

The website provides seamless Facebook and other social network integration. Google Analytics is additionally used to complete statistical data and gather further information regarding the website. A sitemap is automatically generated into a XML format data file, and forwarded to search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and so on. OK, I don’t want to bug you with the technical stuff, it is just important for you to know that this system is highly automated and works excellently with popular search engines.

Hosting for ALB Electronic is additionally optimized with the CloudFlare service; a 10GB data plan is included. CloudFlare delivers great website performance increase and, therefore, a better user experience. This plan is paid on a yearly basis.

The system is robust and well designed, so there is no need for monthly maintenance. However, periodical upgrades should be applied (to the framework for example).

The web site is built according to SEO standards, from the very start; additionally optimization is applied to properly categorize and index website content on Google. Furthermore, the web site contains algorithms that determine keywords and phrases as well as algorithms and tags that share your content on social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Trello…).

Facebook SEO ALB Electronics dienstleistungsunternehmen

What does this mean for your business? For example, if you live in Germany and are interested in car diagnostics and reparation, you would probably google for: Diagnose und Reparatur Dienstleistungsunternehmen, (look at the screenshot of the results above), so ALB Electronics is the first pick! A great plus for your business and for every website or company is to be well ranked on Google, and to be in the top 10 results. And if your page is the first pick, that brings you a lot of visitors and potential customers, because the majority will review your website and your services. Some of them will do business with you and you will begin to profit more. Seriously, when did you look in the 5th or 10th page of the Google results?

The complete branding, including logo, website, visit cards, flyers and other are copyright work of CreativForm, and these things  can be reviewed on our portfolio page.

ALB Electronic logo

Those were just a few highlights of this project that I proudly present. You, as a client, might need a far simpler website or on the contrary, more sophisticated than this one. You should know that a basic WordPress website we offer is as low as 150 euros, and CreativForm team is looking forward to fulfill all your wishes!

Leave a professional impression on your clients, show the strength of your character, act confident on the Internet, showing that all your actions are carefully planned, highlight your qualities, contact CreativForm via our contact form, or contact the author of this article to develop, improve or master your online image.

Premium web design with CreativForm
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Premium web design with CreativForm
Example of our Premium web design - one of the great projects of the CreativForm agency made for a German company.