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Microsoft SyncToy – Synchronisation and backup data


SyncToy is a freeware Windows application for data transfer, synchronization and backup, from external hard disk, USB flash disk or MP3 player to your computer, and vice versa – in a very simple way.
A program interface is very simple to use and shows all available functionalities of the program. This program contains various features to satisfy needs of an average user, and the more advanced users as well.

Creating folder pair

Before you start transferring your data from one folder to another, you need to create two folders and pair them, where the number of pairs is unlimited. So, run the program and click on the button Create New Folder Pair:


In the next Window you need to select two folders: left and right. Left folder is source, and the right folder is destination of the transferred data.

sync odabir foldera

The most important part of this procedure is a type of the data transfer:

  • Synchronize – transfers all files that appear in another folder. Using this option, two folders are completely synchronized and have identical content.
  • Echo – new and updated files are transferred from the left to the right folder, where files found in the right folder are renamed or deleted in the left folder.
  • Contribute – almost the same as echo; the difference is that files are not deleted.

The final step is defining a name for your folder pair:

ime para foldera synctoy

Click on the FINISH button to finish this procedure, and you folder pair shows in the list of defined folder pairs.

Data transfer

In order to transfer files with the method you’ve defined, click on the Run button for every pair:


or choose the option ALL FOLDER PAIRS and click on RUN ALL button, to apply the run procedure on all defined pairs.

synctoy all folder pairs

Advanced settings

Microsoft also considered  advanced users and their needs. Choose a pair and click on Change options to access additional settings.

synctoy advanced options

The next window shows all advanced options in the program:
synctoy change options
Let’s explain these options:

  • Files to include – transfers selected type of file (jpg, png, exe and other)
  • Files to exclude – excludes transfer of specified files
  • Exclude read-only files – excludes transfer of files with a read only attribute
  • Exclude hidden files – excludes transfer for all hidden files
  • >Exclude system files – excludes transfer for system files
  • Select subfolder – specifies a subfolder of the main paired folder to transfer files.
  • Active for run all – shows a pair in the list of all pairs
  • Save overwritten files in Recycle Bin – stores files that have been overwritten in Trash
  • Check file contents – additionally analyses the contents of the files

Automatic data transfer

If you want to schedule the data transfer you can use Task Scheduler tool in Windows.

synctoy animation
Animation of this procedure


Great little software with no complicated settings and unnecessary features, distributed as freeware and designed for 32-bit i 64-bit operating systems. Operating system Windows XP and above are supported.

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