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How to perform Windows and Office license backup – Advanced Tokens Manager


About Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office license backup

In this article is presented a very simple way to backup activation license of your Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. This procedure is convenient if you want to reinstall your Windows operating system on your computer due to errors, virus infections or whatever reason, and to easily backup your licenses after reinstall. When you restore your licenses, Windows will be activated and marked as Genuine.

If you don’t backup license, you’ll need to reactivate your Windows copy via Internet or by phone; with these instructions presented in this article, you’ll skip the activation process. Note that you can activate your Windows copy with one serial number limited number of times (unless MAK or other “multi-licensing” type), and with this procedure you can reinstall your system practically unlimited number of times and restore your license.

I tested this procedure on Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, with Service Pack 1, while the Office version is 2010. Software I used is Advanced Tokens Manager.

How to use Advanced Tokens Manager

Advanced Tokens Manager is an application still in RC version (Release Candidate) but it’s pretty stable (i tested it on 4-5 computers, including mine). Using this application I successfully performed an activation license backup, Windows reinstallation, installation of a few missing drivers, and restored my licenses for Windows and Office. Although the author of this software recommends to use the same drivers for reinstalled operating system (as they were on Windows before reinstallation) to avoid possible activation errors, I installed the different version of drivers (I downloaded fresh drivers from the manufacturer’s web site) and successfully restored my activation files (check out the other notes section for some other tips).

Download this software here:


Note: .NET Framework v4.0 is required to run the app.

Fully compatible operating systems are:

  • Windows 8 editions (but not Windows 8.1)
  • Windows 7 editions
  • Windows Vista editions
  • Windows Server 2008 / 2011 / 2012 editions
  • Microsoft Office editions from version 2010 to 2013

Under “editions” I mean all versions of Windows (Professional, etc.) and all the Service Packs, as well.
Note: Windows 8.1 is only partly compatible because you can restore your license only if you activated your Windows copy by phone.

OK, run the software, and the following Window will appear:

Backup Windows and Office licence

You can see that this application is very easy and intuitive to use, and provides quick view of your product key (a deleted that info in the picture). Next window will give you warning and notes you should be aware of:

Backup of Windows activation

Click on Yes, after the Windows Activation Backup will be created. Look at the screenshot from my computer below:

Backup a token related to Windows activation.

I tried to use this software on illegal Windows 7 edition, just for testing purposes, but without success. I saw just a few characters of a product key and couldn’t proceed with the procedure.

The license restoration is an easy task. You only need to specify the correct path of this folder and voila – your Windows copy is activated and genuine.

Other notes of the author of Advanced Tokens Manager


৹ Activation restore success rate of 100% if the new product edition is the same from backup and the copy is clean installed.
৹ Preserve the Hardware ID Master Generation Key for sensitive license channels when it is activated by Phone.
৹ Use the same backup for restore the activation status infinitely on the same hardware.
৹ Do not take ownership of any activation file backup / restoring the file properties.
৹ Activate the product from x86 to x64 and vice versa when have the same edition.
৹ Install a fresh product windows copy with newer service packs and updates.
৹ Stores all activation details for a trusted activation restore.
৹ All product license activation channels are fully-supported.
৹ Check if the detected key match with the installed license.
৹ Backup integrity checker with CRC32 of all backed-up files.
৹ Check if the backup is valid for the product Edition.
৹ Force the restore reinstalling files from tokens.dat.
৹ Update your drivers without lost the activation.
৹ Refresh the drivers before the restore.
৹ Application log for activation restore.
৹ Static Product ID after activated.



৹ You must have the correct SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table) for OEM activations.
৹ Online and Phone activations will be instantly activated after restore.
৹ Do not have major changes on the hardware.
৹ Windows 8 and Office 2013 have the same activation system, so the backup is saved in one place called of
‘Activation Backup’, that stores all license data for Windows and Office.
৹ For the Windows 8 and Office 2010 or Windows 7 with the Office 2013 or 2010, the backup is made separately
called of ‘Windows Activation Backup’ and ‘Office Activation Backup’ respectively.
৹ Is needed to install the Windows and Office 2013 for restore their activation on a Windows 8 system.

* All backup data are stored on the root of the application in folders separately.
* Limited activations that have grace period is not supported. In other words, only permanent activations
is supported for Windows and Office.
* For Upgrade Activations, is needed the installation of a Retail copy of the Operating System. In other words,
you will get problems restoring an upgrade activation on a Volume License copy.
* If you have restarted the computer on the restore, the network adapters does not will work properly. You need
to activate your network on the Device Manager.
* Is advised the installation of the same drivers from the backup on the restore to avoid problems on the activation.

How to perform Windows and Office license backup
Article Name
How to perform Windows and Office license backup
In this article is presented a very simple way to backup activation license of your Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.