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How to convert PDF files to other file formats

PDF format has become one of the most popular file formats for the electronic data exchange in a short time. You can find many commercial and free programs today that can convert PDF files  in other file formats. In this article we present you a free software smallPDF and its greatest advantage that makes it different from the similar software is that it executes in your browser, so it’s practically platform independent – you can use it on different operating systems with no limitations. All you need is a modern Web browser and a working Internet connection.

This software supports great features you might need regarding PDF document manipulation:

  • PDF compression (size reduction),
  • Conversion to Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
  • Conversion from and conversion to image formats (PDF to JPG and JPG to PDF),
  • Merging multiple PDF documents in one document,
  • Splitting pages from a document in the new PDF document,
  • Unlocking locked PDF documents.
smallpdf konvertor dokumenata
Supported file formats

As you can see, the interface is very simple to use – just select an appropriate conversion method according to your needs. We are gonna take an example of converting a PDF document to JPG images. We’ll start off by selecting the option PDF to JPG
pdf u jpg konvertor

Then we’ll either drag desired PDF document and drop it to drop area or click on Choose file. Notice two little icons beside “Choose file” label in the yellow button – that means that you can also select documents from Dropbox or Google Drive cloud services.
upload pdf dokumenta

Then you choose between extracting single images from the document or converting entire pages of a PDF document. For this example, select Convert entire pages.
Konverzija PDF dokumenta

After the conversion finishes (which depends on size of a document and in our example the conversion process of a one page document lasted a few seconds), we can choose whether we want to download single images or ZIP file. Select Download as ZIP, and save it to your computer:
Preuzimanje zip fajla sa fotografijama

You can open this ZIP archive or extract it with Windows or 3rd party tool (such as WinRAR or 7zip).
Otvaranje zip fajla sa fotografijama

The result of this process is PDF document converted to JPG images.
pdf dokument u jpg formatu

If you use Google Chrome browser, you can add smallPDF extension by clicking on:
smallpdf ekstenzija za chrome

To use this application, visit its homepage: smallPDF


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