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Ensure privacy of your Windows 10

Windows operating system is used as a tool to invade our privacy for years; our most sensitive information regarding operating system usage, location, number and name of files, index positions of our files, history of filled forms (where passwords, credit card numbers, and others are being entered).

As technology develops further, Windows is more and more used as a “Big Brother”, by monitoring on our microphones and camera, even if we didn’t allow that at the first place. These security holes aren’t a mystery to hackers who are also using them to access our computers and steal sensitive data.

What can be done? You could change your operating system, or try to block these channels by which your sensitive data is being gathered, if you are forced to use the Windows operating system.

Block Microsoft from getting your personal data easily, by using these ways:

  1. Install a 3rd party software,
  2. Manually – following the programmer’s logic.

Let’s first explain the easier way.

There are lots of applications used for securing your privacy on the market, but we’d like to recommend this app which stands out as one of the best (if already not the best app for this purpose) – SpyBot.

How to use Spybot to better protect your privacy on Windows 10

Spybot Anti-Beacon blocks all channels which Microsoft uses to collect data from your operating system. Windows 10 sends collected data to Microsoft servers and users are not aware of it. That way, our privacy is compromised. SpyBot protects our privacy in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Just install this software, run it, and select options you want to block (Picture 1.).

Picture 1: Block various features of Windows 10 and protect your privacy

Click on the Immunize button to protect your PC of Microsoft taking your personal data (Picture 2.).

Picture 2: Immunize your computer with Spybot Anti-Beacon

Protect your privacy on Windows 10 with the manual configuration

Unlike protecting your privacy with a software, for the manual configuration, you need some of the programming-like logic for the advanced modifications of your operating system.

To ease these modifications, I suggest taking a fast “shortcut”, so instead of the programming, we’ll perform a quick and easy blocking of the external Microsoft services.

  1. Open Windows Explorer, click on the View tab and tick Hidden items check box, in order to see the hidden files as well.win10-scr1
  2. Go to this location:

  3. Locate your hosts file, copy it on your desktop, and open this file in Notepad.
  4. Navigate to the last line of your hosts file, like depicted below: win10-scr3
  5. Then copy this whole list in your hosts file:

  6. Save this file and replace the existing hosts file located in the folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

OK, so these presented solutions are fast ways to protect your privacy and information theft.

If you have some better solution, feel free to comment. If you like this article, please share it.

Ensure privacy of your Windows 10
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Ensure privacy of your Windows 10
You not feel safe? Ensure privacy of your Windows 10 and block Microsoft from getting your personal data easily. CreativBlog have safe solution for you.
Ivijan-Stefan Stipić